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Here at McClure Vending & Coffee Services we offer many different brands, flavors, grinds, and brewing methods for your perfect cup of coffee. Whether it's a digital craft machine, liquid concentrate, cold brew, or pour over. We have everything to satisfy your coffee needs including cups, lids, creamers, flavored syrups, sugar, and stir sticks.

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How it works

Simply buy coffee from us and we will provide you with a free brewer. We routinely deliver your product based on your consumption patterns. We can stock your coffee station with your favorite products so you never run low or out. Or you can call for service. The price you pay is the price you pay, meaning zero delivering and handling fees. While providing low and quality prices.

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Sustainably sourced and artisanally roasted in small batches from Philadelphia, USA, since 1854. One of the oldest family-owned and operated coffee roasters in the US. We offer a wide variety of flavored and traditional coffees that are certain to provide a superior coffee experience for every coffee consumer.


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