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Our Products

At McClure Vending we proudly carry full Pepsi, Coke, and 7-Up lines. Learn more below.

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snack machine 

We offer a wide variety of candy bars, pastries, and chips from many popular brands.

We proudly serve Pepsi, 7UP, Coca Cola and Snapple products.

soda machine

We offer frozen and refrigerated foods such as pizzas, subs, fruit and sandwiches.

Frozen Food


our technology


If the Snack machine will be equipped with SureVend. During the 1st vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by a beam of light of the system, the system waits one second then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates until the product is sensed as dropped. If a product is still not sensed as dropped by the SureVend system, the selection will be considered empty or sold out. Then your credit will be restored and will allow another selection to be made. In essence, no one will lose their money in our machines.


At McClure Vending we proudly use USA Technology credit card readers.  These give you the ability to use Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard debit and credit cards. In addition, theses accept wireless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and much more.


If a machine at your workplace is equipped with PayRange you download the app and add funds to your account using Apple Pay or a credit card. For example, you walk up to the machine then select the machine that you are at and then swipe up, this will transfer credit from your phone to the machine and then you complete your transaction on the machine. After so many purchases you can eventually redeem a FREE item. Also for signing up, you receive a coupon redeemable for a FREE item.

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