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Water Services

What we offer

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Countertop 5-gallon hot and cold water dispenser.

Standard bottom loading 5-gallon hot and cold water dispenser.

Bottle-less countertop hot and cold water dispenser.

Countertop 5 gallon ice maker with cold water dispenser.

Countertop 5-gallon ice maker with cold water dispenser.

Standard top loading 5-gallon hot, cold, and room temperature dispenser with ice maker.

1-gallon distilled or natural spring water.

how does it work?

Simply rent the cooler from us for a small monthly fee depending on the accessories. We come in to set it up and we even load your first bottle and get it ready for operation. No hassle of you returning, purchasing, and refilling heavy bottles. No delivery fees too!

Note: water dispensers are also available for purchase. But come with NO warranty. If  the dispenser is rented we take of the problems or issues with it.


Custom bottles

Are you looking for a custom water bottle label for your organization? Look no further with LeSage great tasting water and you own custom label for you organization or special event. It's simple as uploading your design to us and we'll take care of the rest. No hassle of picking it up we will deliver it to you!


our water

Here at McClure Vending & Coffee Services we proudly use LeSage Natural Water. LeSage is a nonprofit organization providing jobs for disabled Americans. LeSage Natural Water comes from deep sealed wells on site. Unlike other waters, LeSage Water goes through a four-step filtration process giving you and your business the highest quality of water possible!

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